RAD Torque Raceway’s Road Course

RAD Torque Raceway’s Road Course 2023-04-12T10:33:13-06:00

Our primary facility is RAD Torque Raceway’s newly-constructed road course, which we are proud to have hosted the first ever event on in May of 2013.

About the track … the full configuration is 2.7 kilometers in length and 13 meters wide, with its signature corner featuring 6º of banking over almost ¼ kilometer of length.  The track can be subdivided into two shorter segments (approx. 1.1 & 1.5 km each), however all Track Junkies  events feature the full 2.7 km configuration.  You may have noticed the track runs clockwise, which is a change from its original design.

This is already proving to be a track that favours technical drivers, who pay attention to the details and place their car to get the most out of the subtle camber changes and choose their apexes so they can get back on the throttle. There are some corners that are much faster than they look … I’m sure having a third nut would help (unfortunately I don’t).  So far … very fun. Click here to for a detailed turn-by-turn description of the corners explaining the optimal (fast) line or … if you want to find out more about the track … sign up for one of our events.

In 2015, kerbing was added and the last of the barriers moved back from the track surface to increase runoff room. The paddock was also increase so that we will have ample room for tow rigs at all our events. And we are currently working with RAD Torque Raceway to fund a building for educational and corporate events, and hosting, which we hope to be using by 2016.

Thanks to Rob and Kimberly Reeves for the very significant financial investment they have made, and all the staff and contractors who helped make the road course a reality. It is GREAT to once again have a road course in our backyard.