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Self-Tech Inspection Form

A mechanical inspection must be performed on each participating vehicle IN ADVANCE of each event. Photocopies of past inspections are NOT permitted.

The self-tech inspection is an important aspect of your personal safety AS WELL AS THE SAFETY OF ALL OTHERS ON THE TRACK.

Being able to self-tech is a privilege.  Your signature at the bottom of the Self-Tech inspection form is your legal attestation that you have checked each and every item on the self-tech form and determined that the vehicle you will be driving is properly prepared for the rigours of track driving.  If you have not checked every item on the form, do not sign the form.  If you do not have the skills or time or inclination to properly check every item on the form, take your vehicle to an Alberta-licensed Automotive Service Technician familiar with the rigours of track driving to have it professionally inspected.

Track Junkies reserves the right to re-inspect any vehicle at any event at any time and deny participation if a vehicle is deemed unsafe or improperly prepared. No refund will be given if a participant’s vehicle is not properly prepared.

Standard Motorsport Waiver

This link is provided for reference only, so that you can read this waiver in advance.  This waiver will be made available by a representative of Track Junkies, either at registration or at the facility gate.  All participants, crew, guests and observers must sign the waiver if they want to be on site.  Persons not willing to sign the waiver form cannot be on site.  No refund will be given to anyone refusing to sign the waiver.

Motorsport Waivers for MINORS (two separate waivers are required)

The Minor Waiver (this document) must be signed by all MINORS who wish to be one site.  The Parental Waiver (this document) must accompany the Minor Waiver and must be signed by a PARENT or GUARDIAN having full legal full legal responsibility for decisions regarding the minor child/ward. Please note that both of these forms must be WITNESSED.