Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2023-04-11T11:50:26-06:00

1. Will there be food or drinks at the track?

Track Junkies provides drinking water on site for event participants.  If you prefer other beverages, please bring your own.  It is important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

For most events, Subway will be providing the scheduled lunch for event participants.  We plan quantities based on the number of registrants, so if you plan to have a guest please let us know 72 hours in advance.  RAD Torque Raceways’s concessions will also be open when major events are going elsewhere on-site.  Snacks, munchies, and special needs are the participant’s responsibility.  You are welcome to either bring your own food, or leave the site … there are lots of food options in Nisku, on Airport Road, and in Leduc (all within a 10 minute drive).  No BBQs or other open flame devices are permitted in the paddock.

2. Will there be fuel at the track?

Fuel is available in Nisku (only 5 minutes away).  You can leave the site and re-enter at any time.

During major events and when drag racing is scheduled, high-octane race fuel is available on site. Best practice is to contact AFD Petroleum (local producer of Fury racing fuel) directly, in advance, to confirm availability.

3. Can I bring a camera or video recorder?

Yes, you can. An in-car video of your laps can be a valuable teaching tool … a video will not lie about where you are turning into a corner, or how early you start braking.  A more-experienced driver or instructor can often point out areas of improvement just by  watching your video.  Or comparing several laps or several sessions after a day at the track will show areas of inconsistency that need to be corrected so you can improve your driving and advance to the next level.

Cameras and video recorders that are used on track must be SECURELY FASTENED TO THE VEHICLE. The car behind might enjoy capturing a video of your $300 GoPro camera flying out your window and skipping across the track to an early demise, but you won’t.

For Novice drivers … it is important that you do not let the camera dictate your driving attitude or behaviour.  Trying for a personal best lap to post on YouTube is a sure way to lose your driving focus, or to overdrive your ability or your vehicle. The consequences of losing your driving focus can be serious.

A word about track picture-taking etiquette … track driving is inherently dangerous and incidents do happen from time-to-time.  It is expected that NOBODY will post or share pictures or videos of someone else’s incident online.  To do so is extremely bad etiquette.  Bad etiquette will be rewarded … remember karma can be a bitch.

4. Can I bring guests?

Yes, you can.  Guests are required to report to  Track Junkies registration immediately upon their arrival to sign the same waivers as drivers and crew.  If your proposed guest is a MINOR, please see below.  Note that your guest may be subject to gate fees when major events are going on elsewhere on-site (not within our control).

5. Are passengers permitted on track?

Yes. However, passengers are permitted with authorized drivers only. Please read more about the requirements for a driver to take passengers here.

6. Are MINORS permitted?

Yes.  However, due to their legal status, minors and their parents must sign two additional waivers before being permitted on site. One of these waivers must be signed by BOTH PARENTS and WITNESSED, the other signed by the minor and WITNESSED.  This applies to ALL MINORS regardless of whether they are driving, crewing, or observing.

I’m sure you can appreciate that will be virtually impossible to find a willing witness when you are standing at the entrance gate, so these waivers must be completed in advance.  Please contact us in advance so we can get you the appropriate forms in time for you to have them properly completed.

7. What happens if it rains?

You should expect that road course events will continue rain or shine.

Participant’s, crew and guests should plan in advance for the possibility of inclement weather … bring suitable clothes, umbrella, and an easy-up if you have it.  If you have items that will be removed from your car when you arrive at the track, they will stay much drier if you bring a Rubbermaid container to stow them in (or if possible just leave them at home).

There are a few exception to the ‘events will run rain or shine’ rule.  We will halt temporarily if there is lightning in the area, and the event will resume when lightning has cleared.  We may halt temporarily of there is a deluge and significant standing water on the track, but this is very rare.

8. What if is snows?

If we arrive in the morning to find snow or ice on the track surface, and it looks like it will melt off in an hour or two, we just start late and end late so that everyone still gets most of the day on the track.  If the snow is not going to melt, we have no choice but to cancel.  We cannot safely run a track event with snow or ice on the track surface.  If we have to cancel, we refund your fees in full.

9. Can I promote my sponsor on-site?

If you are referring to decals on your track car, no problem.

Past that, the answer is “no”.  The track has specific rules prohibiting unofficial sponsors on site that Track Junkies and all participants must abide by. Without limiting the generality of “no”, this means no booth, no banners or signage, no brochures or promotional literature being distributed, and no give-aways or graft.  Bear in mind that our events are not public spectator events, and there is neither a need, nor a tangible benefit, for sponsors to be represented on site.

If you have contractual obligations to a sponsor that does not compete with an official track sponsor, please contact us.  We may be able to get this approved on a one-time exception basis.

10. Can I sell stuff on-site?

No.  The track has specific rules prohibiting unofficial vendors on site that Track Junkies and all participants must abide by.

11. Are pets permitted?

tool-belt-dogOnly service animals and guide dogs certified through Assistance Dogs International are permitted on-site. Service animals must be wearing their vest, and be on the job.

The best thing you can do for your pet is to leave them at home. Space in the paddock will be tight, and vehicles are constantly moving about the paddock and the hot pits.  Pets on-site are at risk of being hit by moving cars, which puts other event participants at risk as well. Unless this is your pet, and your pet can distinguish between the 9/16″ and 13mm wrenches as they fetch them from your tool chest, there is no need for your pet to be on-site.

 12. Do I need a license to drive on the track?

You need a valid and current Alberta class 5 drivers license (or the equivalent license from another jurisdiction).

Holding a valid driver’s license is the basic level of qualification to drive in North America. It is relatively easy to obtain in Alberta, and it is almost ubiquitously held by anyone over the age of majority. If we were to allow people who are unable to obtain a valid drivers license onto the track, and there was a serious incident, we would be leaving ourselves open to litigation.

We  accept graduated drivers licenses (GDL).  We also accept licenses from outside our jurisdiction provided they are in English (or translated to English by a certified translator … same as required by the Government to drive on public roads).

A competition license is NOT required to participate in any of our events.

13. Can I share a car?

Usually this is a question about our rate structure.  To clarify the rates, all rates are per driver.  Drivers may drive multiple cars, providing each is suitably prepared and teched.  Two drivers may also share one car, in which case will we put each driver in a separate run group so each driver obtains equivalent seat time.  We do not offer a reduced “sharing” rate.