Guide to Local Amenities for RAD Torque Raceway

Guide to Local Amenities for RAD Torque Raceway 2023-04-11T12:24:09-06:00


Lots of options in Nisku and Leduc for conventional fuels … if you are looking for 94 octane, it can be found at Petro Canada in Nisku  »map

If you are looking for race fuel, it is available on site during major events (a.k.a. drag racing). RAD Torque Raceway’s exclusive on-site supplier is AFD Petroleum. You can also buy direct in large or small quantities from AFD’s processing plant at 1444-78 Avenue in Edmonton (open 8-5 weekdays)  »map


RAD Torque Raceway has negotiated discounted corporate rates at several hotels in the area … more information is here:

Fast Food:

Please thank our sponsor Subway for providing meals at our events. The nearest Subway restaurant is at 5209 Discovery Way in Leduc  »map

During major events, the concessions at RAD Torque Raceway will be open. They offer a deep-fried PB&J sandwich that’s not listed on the menu board if you’re looking for something totally unique. Also lots of independent food vendors located on the Midway (between drag strip and oval) during major events.

Yes, of course there are other fast food options … but none of them sponsor us.  McDonalds and A&W are located in Nisku, and lots of other fast food restaurants are in Leduc.

Full-Service Restaurants:

Blackjack’s Roadhouse is open 24/7 and offers a varied menu, breakfast available all day, several beers on tap, and live music Friday and Saturday evening. There is a hot buffet offered in the restaurant if you’re in a hurry. Lots (I mean LOTS) of parking for trucks and trailers. Blackjack’s is a BIG supporter of RAD Torque Raceway, so please consider giving back. Blackjacks is located just 3 minutes from the track, east of Hwy 2 north of Hwy 19. »map

We love the food at HALO Bar & Bistro in the Renaissance Edmonton Airport hotel. Food fit for a foody, and just 8 minutes from the track at EIA/YEG. If you park in the lot north (behind) the hotel, the restaurant will validate your parking. Unfortunately there is no parking for trailers nearby 🙁 , but you can leave your trailer at the track and come back to pick it up a bit later  »map