Inaugural Event at Castrol Raceway

Despite the rain, May 24th was a great day on the new Castrol Raceway road course.  Track Junkies was the inaugural track renter, and all the people who attended our event now have an interesting line item to add to their driving resume.

This event was primarily an opportunity for our instructors to learn the track.  To clarify, we are on the 1.3 km loop, which is clearly the most technical section of the track.  Perhaps most talked about was turn 12, a 200+ degree sweeper with 6 degrees of banking that is proving to be very interesting.  Also, the gravel trap at turn 13 got a workout with a couple of race-prepared cars hydroplaning through the braking zone at the end of the long straight (the gravel trap did its job, with virtually no damage to the cars … just some mud new on the old tow rope).  It was great to drive on new, smooth pavement.

Lots of progress being made on the remaining track.  The last few weeks have been dry and have allowed the road crew to get a lot done.  Less than 20% of the road base remains to be completed, and then its paving time.  Let’s hope for more dry weather.

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