Instruction and Coaching

Instruction and Coaching 2017-10-24T14:14:30-06:00

Track Junkies offers a variety of instruction and coaching options, depending on the type of event and skill level of the driver.

Our instructors are dedicated driving enthusiasts from all walks of life. All have demonstrated their proficiency before being invited to become instructors, and all have been formally trained in the art of instruction. Most importantly, our instructors are all Track Junkies who are willing to give of their time to help other motorsport enthusiasts improve their driving skills.

Just getting started in motorsport?

You are what we kindly refer to an a “novice” driver.  We were all novices at some point, so nothing derogatory is intended … just that we all recognize that a driver’s first day(s) at the track are a learning experience, and at times can be intimidating.  Our goal is to welcome you into this sport, and to make your first events on track fun and safe.

If you have never been on a race track before you will need to learn some very basic things, such as:

  • proper seating and mirror position (more important than you think!);
  • the meaning of flags;
  • how to get on and off the track safely;
  • safe passing protocols;
  • finding the line … including identifying corner entry, apex and corner exit; and
  • learning to drive at speed.

As a novice driver, our instructor will ride in the car with you for several on-track sessions and provide you with a basic framework that allows you to safely navigate the track, understand the ideal line, and (if you follow our direction) stay out of trouble.  And we can also help you develop the skills necessary to progress to a more-advanced level with more liberal passing protocols and faster speeds.

Who is required to take Instruction for Novice Drivers?

We are very safety-conscious, and our policy is that all novice drivers, drivers without recent road course experience, and drivers who cannot substantiate their track driving history must  take instruction before they are permitted to drive on their own (solo). Our solo driving criteria is outlined at If you do not meet our solo driving criteria, you MUST take instruction and successfully complete a checkout ride with a senior instructor.

Need more advanced coaching?

Instruction is not just for novice drivers … all the best drivers use coaches from time-to-time.  We’re not just talking about the likes of Sebastian Vettel or Dario Franchitti or Maryeve Dufault … amateur drivers can also benefit greatly from coaching.  If you wish elevate your driving to a higher level, and especially is you have hit a plateau or have been away from the track for a while, we can help.

As an experienced drivers, you’ll realize progressing to the next step typically involves improving just one or two specific skills, or maybe one or two areas of the track where others are pulling away.  Perhaps you want to work on:

  • maintaining momentum;
  • understanding the affects of weight transfer and learning to maintain balance;
  • reading your data and prioritizing opportunities for improvement;
  • improving corner exit speed; or
  • using all of the track.

Most of our instructors have been around the track more than a few times as competitive drivers. Many count their track days by the hundreds and individual laps by the thousands. Some have driven at such storied and famous tracks as Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Watkins Glen, Barber, Road Atlanta and VIR … and have owned some rather exotic and spectacular track cars over the years.  If you need to work on specific skills, or would like coaching from someone who knows your type of vehicle intimately, we can pair you with someone specific.

Is there a fee for coaching?

Yes, there is a fee for instruction and coaching.  Our instructors give of their experience and their time, which we believe has significant value.  We collect a modest fee in addition to your track fee and use that instruction fee to offset the cost of providing instructors with their track time.  The rate for NOVICE Instruction is set at $100 per event (typically 2-3 in car sessions).  Advanced coaching fees vary.



Can I instruct?

If you have extensive track experience combined with either credentials from a recognized driving school or a current racing license, and you would like to trade your skills for track time, please review the criteria here and then contact us if you think you’re a fit.