Private & Corporate Events

Private & Corporate Events 2023-04-11T12:21:20-06:00

Looking for an exclusive day at the track? Just you and your buddies? Just one marque? Or maybe you are an automotive dealer or retailer wanting to demonstrate the capabilities of your marque or product to prospective clients or recent purchasers. Whether you need someone to run your entire event, or just to provide some local support, we’re the company your can trust. We are RAD Torque Raceway’s partner for Corporate and Private events. A partial list of our services includes:

  • turnkey event management;
  • online pre-event registration (private or public) and fee collection (if participants are cost-sharing);
  • facility bookings, catering, and other logistics;
  • coordination of event liability insurance, obtaining certificates of insurance, and signing of the insurer’s liability waivers;
  • sourcing of experienced course workers, marshals & safety crew;
  • track walks, classroom instruction and in-car instructors (or chaperones);
  • conducting the onsite pre-event driver safety meeting;
  • placement of cones to demarcate the track (brake distance markers, corner turn-in, apex, and corner exit);
  • pace car service for lead-follow formats;
  • equipment such as helmets, flags, cones, fire extinguishers, brooms, etc.;
  • uniforms consistent with your brand and corporate image;
  • installation of event signage to promote your brand; and
  • we will handle discipline of overly aggressive drivers where necessary so that your corporate goodwill is protected.

We are business people … we understand customer hosting and branding as well as the need to work within a budget, and would be glad to provide a custom quotation … please contact us to discuss your needs.

Semi-Private Events

Not quite big enough for your own day yet?  What about your own private run segment?  We can provide you with a dedicated slice of track time within a larger event, with your segment being open only to your customers or your club or your group.  We can also set up customized passing protocols and instruction if needed.


Price is based on group size and wide variety of options … please contact us to discuss your needs.