Run Groups and Passing Protocols

Run Groups and Passing Protocols 2017-10-24T14:14:30-06:00

To facilitate the broadest range of vehicle types and driver skill levels, and to provide a fun and safe environment for participants of all levels, we utilize a mix of different run groups. Generally the most experienced drivers in the fastest cars run together, then intermediate , then novice.  Groups rotate throughout the day in 20 minute sessions (plus 5 minutes to clear the track between groups).

Please Note:  A racing license is NOT required to participate in any of our events.

Run groups are defined as follows.  Please note that Track Junkies reserves the right to reassign drivers taking into consideration the driving level of all other registered participants in order to equalize run groups and minimize congestion.

NOVICE (Green): Least experienced participants and slowest vehicles should be in this group.  Most of our instruction is provided in this group. Passing is permitted only in designated safe-passing zones, being the five longest straights and always with a point-by. No tailgating, no drafting, no aggressive driving. All drivers must be respectful of others who may be learning or otherwise uncomfortable with aggressive behaviour.

INTERMEDIATE (Yellow): More experienced drivers with faster cars should be in this group. Suitable for experienced drivers who are situationally aware. More liberal passing rules, but always with a point-by.

ADVANCED (Red) and PINNACLE TIME ATTACK SERIES (Orange): Typically for the most advanced drivers, with thousands of laps on multiple tracks, or a current and recognized racing license. Highest speeds and most-liberal passing rules, generally suitable for drivers who are comfortable running in very close proximity to others. Common to have racers fine-tune their cars and their skills in this group. Passing permitted in all areas of the track, but only after receiving a point-by from the driver being overtaken. Highest level of COURTESY to other drivers is expected.

Discovery Laps: The first session of Track Junkies events, typically 20 minutes in length, is open to all participants so they may re-familiarize themselves with the corner locations, and warm their tires and their car. Speeds are limited to 70 kph (40 mph). No passing is permitted (or required). Helmets and seat belts must be worn at all times on track.

Happy Hour: Last session of Track Junkies daytime events, being the remaining time that cannot be divided into equal time for each run group, we combine all run groups and utilize the INTERMEDIATE (Yellow) passing protocols. Participants self-select their run time, entering and exiting the track depending on their comfort level in current traffic.

Scheduled track time: Scheduled track time is over 2 hours for daytime events and 1-9 events (slightly less on evening-only events). This includes discovery laps and happy hour.

What is a “point-by”? When a faster car approaches the car ahead, the forward driver will acknowledge the approaching driver by pointing out his/her driver’s window in the direction that he/she will leave room for the approaching driver to pass.  If the forward driver is going to leave room on his/her left, then the forward driver will give a clear point to the left of the vehicle. If the forward driver is going to make room on his/her right, then the forward driver will give a clear point up and over the roof the vehicle.  Where a pass can occur depends on the protocol for that specific run group. Drivers must give a separate point-by for each vehicle.  Point-by signals must appear deliberate and clear, with a hand extended well outside the car and in clear view of the approaching driver.   All drivers in all groups MUST use a “point-by” to coordinate passing. An approaching driver is NOT permitted to execute a pass without a point-by, ever.