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Pinnacle Time Attack BannerParticipants electing to run in the Pinnacle Time Attack Series can accumulate points throughout the season and qualify for trophies and bragging rights at the end of the season.

Who can participate in Time Attack?

Due to restrictions imposed by our event liability insurer, Pinnacle Time Attack Series participants must be pre-approved. We recognize that running against the clock may result in more aggressive behaviour and increased risk. To mitigate this risk, Time Attack will be available only to experienced drivers meeting ONE of the following criteria:

  • You hold a current competition license or a competition license that expired within 12 months of the event, a copy of which must be provided, from a sanctioning body with an in-car qualification process. We recognize competition licenses issued by: FIA and any of its Canadian affiliated clubs, SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMW CCA, VARA, SVRA, and NASCAR.

Or alternatively,

  • You have participated in not less than four (4) prior Track Junkies events at Castrol Raceway without an incident AND been signed off to solo for at least two of these events. We will consider equivalencies, but the onus is upon the participant to demonstrate they are unlikely to pose a high risk BEFORE they will be approved.

Please send an email to info@trackjunkies including a scan/photo of your competition license or details of your past experience to be pre-approved.

What do I get if I win?

Season class winners receive a GREAT trophy presented by Pinnacle Realty & Management, as well as their name engraved on a perpetual trophy displayed prominently in the Eurasia Building at Castrol Raceway. Oh, and don’t forget the BRAGGING RIGHTS!

What are the classes?

The Pinnacle Time Attack Series features four class groups based on the preparation level of the entrant’s vehicle. The classes are defined as follows:

Class Car Preparation Level
TJ-1 Factory-built race cars, tube frame cars, highly-evolved track cars (similar to NASA GT classes)
TJ-2 Moderately-prepared street cars and production cars converted to race cars (similar to NASA ST and higher PT classes)
TJ-3 Street-legal and mildly-prepared track cars (similar to NASA lower PT classes).
TJ-O All open-wheel race cars and sports racers (Radical, Stohr, etc.)

How do you adjust for different cars?

Good question. Everyone knows the new 650 hp Corvette ZR1 will not lap at the same speed as a 65 hp Chevette. So that we can compare driving skill between drivers, we use a mathematical formula to adjust everyone’s individual lap times based on the horsepower, weight, type, and preparation level of the car they are driving (often referred to as PAX). Within the formula, ‘preparation level’ is a points-based system to equalize the expected lap time advantage from different suspension components, aerodynamics, and tire types. The classing sheet with the formulas and points will be available shortly

[to be replaced with … can be downloaded here: where’s the form uploaded to (.pdf) or here where’s the form uploaded to (as a fillable Excel spreadsheet) … please fill out the form and bring it with you to registration (along with your self-tech inspection form).]

How are each day’s points awarded?

Our event format includes one 15-minute warmup session, one 15-minute qualifying session (for starting grid position), and three 15-minute competition sessions. Points will be awarded based on your best adjusted lap time from the three competition sessions relative to the fastest adjusted lap time of each other competitor as follows:

Place Points
1st Place 100 points
All others Percentage of 100 points based on your adjusted lap time relative to the day’s fastest adjusted lap time. For example, if the fastest adjusted lap time of the day is 102.5 seconds and your best adjusted lap time is 106.8 seconds, you would get 100 points times 102.5 divided by 106.8 (which equals 95.97 points)

What if I can’t make it to every event?

We will be counting the points from your best six events of the season. If you can only make it to six events, we count all your points … but if you can make eight events, you get to throw away your worst two events and keep the best six. Depending on who sets the fastest time on the days you come out, being able to throw out your worst events could be significant … especially when rain changes the playing field.

What if I just want my raw time? Do I really have to ‘class’ my car?

NO. Just come out and have fun. All participants will be able to view their raw times following each on-track session, regardless of whether they fill out the classing sheet.

However, and to be fair to those who have properly classed their car, anyone who chooses not to class their car is automatically assigned an adjustment factor (PAX) that renders them uncompetitive for season points.